The Ultimate Lean Dog


Meet Rogue.  She is the inspiration for Lean Dog Nutrition.  The covergirl.  The model.  The tolerant beast.  The loveable dog.

Think this 9 year old Basset Hound (yes, that’s right she’s a basset, not a beagle) isn’t a lean dog?  Don’t let those floppy ears and sagging jowls deceive you.

This girl eats, sleeps, and lives like a boss.

This girl can run 2 miles.  Not fast and definitely not pretty, but she can get it done.  4-inch legs are no excuse.

This girl maintains a delicious doggy diet but also knows when to splurge.  And boy, does she feel like a lucky star when she get’s the ultimate treat: butter.

This girl has the Lean Dog Attitude down pat.  She attacks each day with enthusiasm, loves with her whole heart, and welcomes everyone into her world.

This girl knows about balance.  Eating is great.  Going for walks is the best.  But you have to know when to recharge.  She owns any couch within jumping height.

This girl owns her actions.  She knows when she’s done wrong and shows that she doesn’t feel good about it.  But she also knows not to dwell on it because tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.  Heck, sometimes that fresh start comes just a few hours later.  Seize every Lean Dog opportunity.

Want to be a Lean Dog? Just use Rogue as your inspiration and motivation. Follow her on instagram and is featured in Rogue’s Corner as she updates daily living, happiness and love for life.


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Think that’s your bed? Nope. It’s mine now. Thanks for sharing.